Needle in a Haystack

Good judges these days are as hard to find as a needle in a haystack, primarily because the entire Western legal system has rejected God and His law for a system of evolution-based humanism.  However, even in the judge’s chair God still retains a small remnant.  It appears that Roy Moore will regain the position of chief justice on the Alabama supreme court this autumn.  And, here in Oklahoma, as this article shows, District Judge Bill Graves appears to be a man who at least still has some fear of God.

The whole concept of “transgender” identity, and sex change operations, are so repugnant to nature and revealed religion, that I do not need to elaborate on its wickedness.  But it was gratifying to see that Judge Graves not only refused to be complicit in allowing these perverts to change their names, he actually quotes Scripture as a primary reason for his decision.  The article, although it is in the more conservative of the two big Oklahoma dailies, seems obviously slanted to sympathize with the perverts and denigrate the judge.  I would not even recommend reading the entire sordid story.  Read down through Judge Graves’ reasoning for his behavior, and you will find the only reason why I posted this link.

May God grant us more judges who fear Him, love righteousness, and hate covetousness, and may He make them willing rather to lose their office than break His law.