Rethinking 9/11

I found this article somewhat by accident on the OU student web site, and thought it was worth sharing.  Too many Americans, conservatives in particular, are so blinded by love of country that they refuse to consider the grievances other countries may have against America.  This article by Mr. Byas, I think, does a fine job of explaining that 9/11 was not some out of the blue occurrence by people who simply hate our liberty and prosperity, but was “blowback” against American foreign policy.  As the article states, nothing can excuse the deplorable act of mass murder which took place on September 11th, 2001.  At the same time, nothing can excuse the perversity of American foreign policy which has engendered hatred against us the whole world over.

As Christians, we need to view everything through the lenses of Scripture, not of American patriotism.  While this article is not written from a Christian perspective, it does do a good job of striking a balance between the evil of terrorism and the provocatory foreign policy which helps to create men like Osama bin Laden.  We do not want to be blustering war hawks, like Rush Limbaugh who today on his program derided members of the Bush state department who recommended convening a panel to study what might have motivated the 9/11 attacks.  No member of al-Qaida ever suggested attacking America was because we are free and prosperous.  American interference in the Arab world, however, is another matter.  Now that bin Laden is dead, the very best way for the United States to dry up terrorist recruitment is to follow the advice of our Founders, and practice a policy of peaceful neutrality and non-intervention towards the rest of the world.