The third notable miracle recorded in the succession of stories in Matthew 8 is the curing of the fever of Peter’s mother-in-law.  A fever is a common thing which we have all experienced, though admittedly they can sometimes be deadly.  Whether Peter’s wife’s mother had a life-threatening illness or was simply suffering from the flu we cannot say.  Regardless, it is evident from this that Jesus is as competent to handle the less drastic diseases just as He is to cure leprosy or palsy.  Nothing is too insignificant for the notice and attendance of our beloved Master.  Where there was suffering, and where there was faith, He was more than willing to alleviate the suffering.

This good deed done to Peter’s household no doubt only strengthened the faith of that bold disciple in his Lord.  It should also be noticed here the consequence of healing by Christ.  We took note in the case of the leper how he was commanded to manifest his gratitude towards Christ by obeying the dictates of the law for a cleansed leper.  Here also we see an excellent response from Peter’s mother-in-law.  The moment her illness is put away, she rises and ministers to the Lord and to the household.  So ought we also, when we receive some gift from Christ, and are relieved from some burden, immediately exercise ourselves in His service with renewed zeal and thankfulness.