Now follows the conclusion to the sermon on the mount, in which the Lord Jesus reinforces the critical import of His teaching.  Those who hearken to Him, place their faith in Him, and walk according to His teaching, will be safe from the storms of life.  We hearken to Christ, not just because He is a good man with wise ideas and a good moral philosophy, but because He is the Son of God.  Indeed, the voice from heaven on the mount of transfiguration commands all men everywhere, “Hear ye Him.”  Towards the end of His ministry, the Lord told His disciples that the words which He had spoken will condemn the unbelievers in the last day.  Every word of the Scriptures, but in a very special sense the words of our Redeemer, are of the utmost importance, and ought to be diligently searched to discover their true meaning.  If we would build the fortress of our soul upon a rock, which neither wind nor floods can tear down, we must hearken to Christ, and walk according to the teachings of our great Commander.  Those who reject His teachings reject Him.  They may profess reverence for Christ, they may claim to be filled with His Spirit, but if they reject His teachings as contained in the gospels, then however loud their pretensions, they have built their castle upon the sand.  When the wind and flood of death and judgment beat upon their house, it will collapse upon them, and carry them down into eternal perdition.  This sermon on the mount, then, is a message of eternal importance, and ought to be heartily received by every individual with a concern for the welfare of his immortal soul.

Quite astonished were the people at this instruction from Christ.  They were used to hearing their rabbis, who never spoke on their own authority, but derived their opinions from other teachers and leaders of the community.  In truth, no mortal man can speak on spiritual matters on his own authority, but only as he derives authority from God and His word.  But Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, could speak with royal authority, and even tell men without flinching that their eternal destiny hinged upon how they received Him and His teaching.  This astounded His hearers.  His authority ought also to strike us with a deep impression, an impression which causes us to hearken, to forsake our sins, and follow our Master through the storms and hazards of life unto eternal joy.