There can be no just society without a basic adherence to the moral law established by God.  In reality, this moral code of behavior antedates not only Mount Sinai, but even antedates the entrance of sin into the world.  In the garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve sinned, it was wrong for them to covet what was not theirs, it was wrong for them to kill, it was wrong for them to steal.  It is easily demonstrable that several of what later came to be known as the Ten Commandments were violated by the sin of our first parents.  It is also easily proven that even the heathens in the ancient world, long before the time of Moses, had at least an elemental knowledge of the moral precepts by which God would have His creatures live.  It was not just godly Joseph who was fully aware that adultery was a great wickedness and a sin against God, but so also did Pharaoh and Abimelech, heathen kings who had taken Sarah into their harems, thinking she was Abraham’s sister rather than his wife.  The world portrayed for us in Genesis is a world where such sins as idolatry, theft, and adultery were well known to be sins against God’s righteous standard, even though the Mosaic law as such had not yet been delivered.

If this is true of the sins enumerated above, it is much more so of the 6th commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.”  We know that one reason God drowned the antediluvian world was because “the earth was filled with violence.”  Then, as soon as Noah and his sons, along with their wives, came out of the ark, God delivered a command which He would have established in every corner of the earth for all time: “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man” (Genesis 9:6).  To kill another human being is not just an act of violence against another creature, but it is a strike against the Creator in Whose image we as humans are made.

The philosophy of humanism, which Western society has comprehensively adopted, pretends to elevate man above the barbarism of the old religions.  But, in reality, what we discover is that it degrades man, for it makes him only to be one creature among many, instead of a unique being created in the image of God Himself.  The reason why American society, along with its counterparts in Canada and Europe, exalts violence in its entertainment, and only rarely penalizes murder as harshly as it deserves, is because they have cast God out of the equation.  When God is cast out, then men are no longer considered as created in His image.  When men are not considered as created in the image of God, it is little wonder that murder is not nearly so horrifying to this generation as it was to our ancestors.

Because secular humanism is the religion of Western society, life is no longer considered precious.  In our own society, we see being enacted in living color the words of Wisdom in Proverbs 8:36, “All they that hate Me love death.”  This is why abortion slaughters helpless unborn infants by the tens of millions.  Even certain churches embrace this philosophy of butchery.  Was not “Tiller the baby killer” slain during services in a Lutheran “church?”  Many there are who sit in church pews every Sunday, thinking themselves right with God, who strongly advocate “a woman’s right to choose,” which is only a polite way of saying they believe that a woman has the right to commit homicide under certain conditions.

So insane has this lust for slaughter become that certain British medical ethicists lately published an article advocating the right of parents to kill their children for several indeterminate months after birth.  These same vicious, heartless murderers stick at nothing, including the murder of the elderly and the disabled.  The same cold, ruthless violence for which the free world once denounced Nazi and Communist dictatorships, is becoming more and more widely accepted across a broad spectrum of society, particularly among men and women of influence, wealth, and power.

Carelessness of the sanctity of human life is also witnessed in the treatment of convicted murderers.  It seems that only the Bible belt states still practice capital punishment very much at all, and even these states usually only prescribe the death penalty for particularly gruesome crimes.  Moreover, these executions are usually carried out so long after the crime that any deterrent effect is completely lost (not that this should keep the criminal from being executed; Justice, nor deterrence, is what counts).  Hundreds, if not thousands, of convicted killers sit in prison cells, and some roam free, when they should have long ago suffered death because they had killed a fellow creature made in the image of God.  Numbers 35:33 tell us, “The land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that sheddeth it.”  What a shameful travesty it is, then, to see professing Christians loudly arguing for the abolition of the death penalty, under the guise of a pretended humanity.

There is also a word needing to be said here regarding the prominent usage of unjust war.  Neoconservatives and liberals have convinced vast numbers of Americans that it is our sacred duty to bomb, blockade, and starve people in third world countries under the justification of protecting our national security and Israel’s.  Very many Dispensationalist believers seem to think that there is no higher national honor than to bomb, burn, shoot, and starve as many Muslims as possible in the name of protecting the Jewish state.  These same folks, doubtless well intentioned, also can find no incongruity in trumpeting American exceptionalism, while with the same breath decrying abortion as murder and a national stain.  How those two ideas can be made compatible escapes my small brain.  A nation which kills its own children can hardly have a justifiable claim to exceptional goodness.

While most conservative Christian churches in America still at least pay lip service to the sanctity of life, it is evident that their voice has little power.  It is also painfully evident that if the religion of these tens of millions of professing Christians had real life and power, they would never have elected politicians who would help appoint judges who would endorse abortion, assisted suicide, and another murderous practices.  The only thing that can deliver our society from a system which promotes and practices murder is a widespread, Spirit-wrought revival, which inculcates a form of godliness that lives, rather than denies, the power thereof.