After teaching on judging, we find Jesus giving us a wonderful promise that God will give to those who ask, and open to those who knock.  This is a most excellent and comforting Gospel promise.  He who sincerely seeks the grace of God, determined that he will submit to anything God requires of him if only he may have peace and freedom from sin, is willingly received by our gracious Lord.  The application to the seeking sinner is clear:  Knock, and keep on knocking.  God does not always answer immediately.  I suppose the reason He sometimes delays His answer to our supplications is because He will test who is truly determined to find grace, and who is only momentarily disturbed.  He who is so desperate, like Jacob, he will not let the Lord go until he is blessed, will continue to ask and knock even if God seems to be deaf for years.  But, make no mistake, the true seeker will continue to assault the gates of heaven until he receives a satisfactory answer.  Let us, then, in our prayers, not cease so long as the object is still there to be gained.  If it is worth praying for, then it is worth praying for for years, until God answers our request.  History has recorded many instances of believers who prayed for their loved ones, and died with the object of their petitions still in a state of unbelief.  But after they were in the grave, then God answered, and turned many of those stubborn unbelievers to faith in Christ.  This story has been played out in the case of my great grandfather, who died before his prayers for his children and grandchildren were answered.  God answered in His own time, and with superabounding grace.

God, then, is most wise in the manner and the time in which He answers the prayers of His children.  Jesus gives the illustration that earthly fathers are well able to answer the requests of their children.  The child who asks for a bite of fish will not receive a venomous serpent, and he who asks a piece of bread will not receive a rock.  The good father will happily and judiciously give the child what it needs to satisfy its needs.  We, who are evil by inheritance and by nature, are able to do good to our children and wisely answer their requests.  How much more shall God, Who is holy, pure, and omniscient, wisely answer the humble petitions of those who love Him?