Our nation crossed another moral threshhold Wednesday this week, when President Obama publicly announced himself in favor of “gay” marriage.  I consider this another red letter day in the process of the American moral declension.  There was a time within the lifetime of many Americans, when a man who would publicly favor such an abhorrent notion as sodomite marriage could not be elected dogcatcher, much less president.  Even in my own lifetime, which began in 1983, up until the last very few years, few if any public officials of any notoriety would have dared to take such a position.

Nevertheless, this day has come, and the world is being turned upside down by the forces of moral anarchy and perversion.  In nearly all of human history, a person who took such a view as the president publicly announced would have been shunned as mentally diseased, morally debauched, or both.  But now, it is those who stand up in favor of God’s order of marriage who are debased by the public culture as “haters,” “bigoted,” “intolerant,” and, to quote Shepard Smith From FOX News, “on the wrong side of history.”

Whether we are on “the wrong side of history” or not is irrelevant to me, since I do not worship history.  I worship the God Who declared sodomy to be an abhorrent sin worthy of the death penalty.  I worship the same God who rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah because their luxury and indolence had led them into the same moral perversions that President Obama now endorses.  Let it be known, that God’s opinion towards sodomy, and every other sin, has not changed.  Cultures change their opinions on moral correctness every few years.  What was wrong yesterrday is right today, if we simply go along with culture.  But, “the word of the Lord endures forever.”  This is why it is critical that we who are Christians do not allow American culture to define sin for us.  The American mainstream would have us to believe that racism, sexism, and homophobia are the most execrable crimes under the sun.  Many if not most American churches agree with this viewpoint, even though none of these “crimes” are ever categorized as sin in Scripture.  The fact is, that if we begin to let Scripture define sin for us instead of culture, we will discover that we will be on the wrong side of our culture, if not on the wrong side of history, as well.  But let God be true and every man a liar.  Ahab and Jezebel no doubt considered the narrow-minded bigot Elijah to be on the wrong side of history, but God vindicated His prophet regardless.

We who are Christians and are serious about following the word of God may be tempted to shrug our shoulders at Obama’s pronouncement, and mark him down as another conscienceless politician who is treasuring up wrath for himself against the day of wrath.  And this is surely true.  Obama has a long record of waffling on this issue, to whichever side is the most politically advantageous for him.  I was certain that he would endorse sodomite “marriage” at some point, but thought he might wait until after the election in order not to alienate his supporters who retain some moral scruples.  Instead, the president decided rallying his left wing base was more important.  But the point is, that though Obama surely has provoked God yet again by his outrageous declaration, as president of this nation he does not speak just for himself.  Nations are judged and punished by God because of what their leaders do and say.  When David numbered Israel, God judged not just David and his house, but the entire nation of Israel.  When Manasseh instituted a bloody reign of terror, he himself was delivered from destruction by the sovereign grace of God, but the kingdom of Judah was destroyed because his bloody crimes involved the entire nation.  So it is here.  The problem with America is not that we have Obama for president, it is that we have an electorate which is so ignorant and morally degenerate that tens of millions would cast their votes for a man whose sense of morality is utterly debauched and debased.

Let us not be fooled by the pretenses of the president and his fawning media (including some conservative outlets) which portray sodomites as kind, loving people, who simply want to enjoy the same rights as other Americans.  Do not ever permit yourself to think of homosexuals as loving family people who simply happen to love somebody of the same sex.  People who practice this vile perversion are the same wicked, degenerate, unconscionable people who assaulted Lot and the angels in the city of Sodom.  There, the Sodomites accused Lot of being “judgmental” for pleading them not to rape his guests, and threatened to do worse to him than to the angels.  These enemies of all decency and righteousness have not grown kinder over time.  They will stop at nothing until they stamp out every vestige of opposition to their filthy practices.  We see this at work in the schools, as they labor tirelessly to root out every semblance of biblical morality, and to inject homosexual propaganda into the curriculum as far down as kindergarten.  We see this in their tireless assaults on churches and pastors who stand up against them.  Their rage against Mormons and black churches in California over the Proposition 8 debate has been well documented for any who care to learn the truth.  The fact that nearly the entire American government has come to their aid is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see.  The fact that the churches are falling one by one into line with the sodomite agenda is also very evident, and the most heartbreaking aspect of this whole tragic affair.

We can be certain that the labender lobby will not rest as long as one of God’s preachers continues to preach that their sin is abomination to God, and that they must repent or be damned.  But we who serve God and love His word have no room for compromise.  Eternal souls are at stake, and to deal falsely with the word of God is to deal falsely with the souls of men.  Paul reminded the Corintinans in I Corinthians 6 that some of them had been sodomites, a group who shall in no wise inherit the kingdom of God.  But even these filthy sinners had been washed, justified, and sanctified, by the grace of God.  God can still do this, and we preach in hopes that he will call these wretched sinners out of their abominable practices into the purity and light of His kingdom.  When we preach that men should repent, we must preach repentance of every sin that the Scripture exposes and condemns.  This includes the sins that our society approves.  If our society had adopted cattle rustling as its pet vice, which no one ought to ever utter a word against, the man of God would be required to preach that cattle rustling is offensive to God and that the offender must repent.  He must be willing to lay his neck on the chopping block rather than to say that something is righteous which God has said is wicked.

The crisis on this issue in America will, it appears, come on the homosexual front.  There is little question that, unless God intervenes, Christ’s ministers and people will suffer for their opposition to the sin of sodomy.  Politicians, preachers, and their churches will join in the chorus urging the abolition of every voice opposing society’s sacred cow of perversion.  But we ought to be willing to die rather than to compromise.  God’s word is too sacred, and men’s souls are too precious, to call good what God calls evil.  Let us gird up our loins in the name of Christ for the difficult days ahead.