Roy Moore Back In The News!

Check out this link!  Roy Moore, the famous 10 commandments judge from Alabama, seems poised to regain his seat as chief justice on the state supreme court.  This gives me optimism that God has not entirely ceased to work His marvels in America.  Judge Moore took a stand for righteousness, and lost his position, because he steadfastly insisted that law must have its foundation in God and His law, rather than in the power of the state.  We need such men in government.  As R.J. Rushdoony aptly put it, whatever or whoever provides the source of law for a culture is its god.  Roy Moore believes the God of the Bible is the source of law; the rest of the American judiciary thinks the state is god.  May God grant us more men of Judge Moore’s persuasion!  Otherwise, American liberty is sure to be abolished altogether.

It will be interesting to see, when and if Roy Moore is reinstituted as chief justice, whether he puts the 10 commandments back in the courtroom, and starts the controversy afresh!