The Government Can Kill Us

This isn’t anything new, but Attorney General Eric Holder today reconfirmed the government policy that they can brand American citizens as terrorists and have them killed without trial, if they see fit.  How they are defining “terrorists” is anybody’s guess, since they won’t disclose the legal opinion that led them to this decision.  This is the kind of power the 5th amendment is supposed to protect the people from.  It is the kind of power claimed by dictators like Stalin and Hitler to mute all opposition to their policies.  Maybe it won’t happen here, but I’m afraid that it will.  This is why, frankly, I am more afraid of the United States government than I am of any combination of Islamic terrorists.

This is also another reason why I am an ardent supporter of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.  Alone among the four Republican candidates, Dr. Paul has vocally opposed this dangerous, tyrannical policy, and has defended our 5th amendment rights to be secure in our life, liberty, and property, until the law has taken due process.