We who have received the apostolic doctrine are of God.  We have been born of His Holy Spirit, and live for higher and better purposes than the world, yea, even than the religious world.  John then makes an extraordinary statement, one which our modern pluralistic age would consider the height of bigotry: “He that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us.”  This means that spiritual life and spiritual death hinge upon our response to apostolic doctrine.  If we are among those who know God, and are known of God, then we will receive the teaching of the apostles concerning Jesus Christ, His person, His work, His ways, His ordinances.  If we are proud and self-willed, deluding ourselves that we are in the light when in reality we are still children of Satan, we will reject the doctrine of the apostles.  We will reject is as harsh, as undemocratic, as unfair, as either licentious or legalistic.  Whatever the reason, whoever knows not God will not receive the Gospel, as Christ delivered it to the apostles and they preached it to the nations.  They will instead embrace their own notions of what they think God should be like, or they will be seduced by the lies of some false teacher.  Apostolic doctrine is the touchstone of truth and error.  Any religious doctrine is true only insofar as it squares with Scripture.  This is the spirit of truth.  Everything that goes to the contrary is the spirit of error, and must forthwith be rejected by us.

Abraham Lincoln: The Godfather

I would like to urge anybody with an interest in history, and who wishes an understanding of where we are and how we got here, to read this article by Thomas DiLorenzo.  Skilfully using a scene from “The Godfather: Part 2″, DiLorenzo explains how Lincoln behaved precisely like a Mafia boss in his treatment of the South.  This article proves from Lincoln’s own first inaugural address that “Honest Abe” was no enemy to slavery, but was simply a friend of corporate welfare and big government.  If you want to know why the so-called Civil War really started, please take 10 minutes to read this article, and then do yourself the enormous favor of purchasing DiLorenzo’s two books, The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked, which expose and demolish in greater detail these and other elements of the Lincoln mythology.

Our foes, who reject the orthodox doctrine of Christ, though they may profess some type of admiration for Him, are of the world.  Their affections are carnal, their doctrine is devilish; in short, they know nothing of the life that is in God.  If they did, they would have received Christ as the apostles preached him, instead of inventing lies to calumniate His glorious person.  The world in verse 5 I take to be the entire system of unbelief, in its many various guises, but in particular as it is constituted by religious people who reject the true doctrine of Christ.  That world is more than happy to hear the apostates and blasphemers who would picture Christ as a good man, as a martyr in a good cause, as some sort of ephemeral “Christ spirit,” but something less than fully God and fully man.  The world will ever countenance this doctrine.  They will not countenance the doctrine that Jesus Christ is that same God Whose goings forth are of old, even from everlasting, while at the same time being a real man who could sleep, sweat, and bleed.

False Refuges (2)

This is the second of my messages preached on false refuges, which considers some of the defenses which men erect for themselves which they fain hope will deliver them from the wrath to come.  This sermon considers several refuges, including outright arrogance and infidelity, and finally what I consider to be one of the primary dangers of our day, which is settling in a church which gladly permits its members to be comfortable in sin.  I conclude with an exhortation for all to flee to the one and only refuge provided for sinners which will last every test, which is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Putin Bans Pornography

While I would very much hesitate to affirm the Russian government has godly motives in all the things they are doing, it is remarkable to contrast what is going on in that recently Communist country with the accelerating moral degeneracy of the West.  Now the Russian government has moved to ban pornography in their country, which cannot help but have a beneficial effect, even if their motives are not the purest.  Genuine liberty should never be considered the right to promulgate material which destroys families, cultures, and souls.  Russia has definitely taken a step in the right direction by cracking down on the horrible wickedness of pornography, and I think we may expect God to bless them for it.

Jesse Jackson in a Black Robe?

Supposedly when we elected a black president in 2008 it was going to bring an end to racism and usher in an era of peace, brotherhood, and understanding in post-racial America.  Not so much, especially if scoundrels like Judge Olu Stevens gets his way.  A white family was victimized in a home invasion by a black perpetrator, but Judge Stevens was so little troubled by that that he generously gave the criminal probation.  However he made sure to take several minutes castigating the 3-year old girl who now happens to be afraid of black men after her traumatizing experience.

One thing this shows us is that all racists are not white, and it certainly ought to dispel any notion we have that judges and elected officials possess any degree of wisdom or maturity.  This judge’s childish outburst is a disgrace to his office, and reveals him as a man too obsessed with his own particular views of racial political correctness to be able to render justice in cases involving whites and blacks.  Sadly, this is far from an isolated case, as such attitudes clearly exist in the Department of Justice and the White House.

The problem with Louisville, and the problem with America, is not that we are afflicted with people like Olu Stevens in positions of power, it is that the people would elect and tolerate unjust, childish, bigoted racial partisans of this sort.

The Christian and Social Media

It has been said by some, and I think with accuracy, that social media is one of the biggest challenges confronting Christians in the present generation.  It is a challenge which, sadly, many are failing, using social media in many of the same ungodly ways the world does.  This message touches on several areas where social media is abused by believers, under the general headings of Murmurings and Disputings, from Philippians 2:14.  It is my hope and prayer that God will use these thoughts to awaken many Christians to the realization that we are to glorify Him in our electronic life just as in every other sphere of our lives.


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